Integrative Health Coaching

Spot On Health and Wellness offers various Integrative Health Coaching services to meet your specific needs. Coaching takes a problem solving approach to help you discover what motivates you to make behavioral changes. This process requires time and commitment. It takes the average person just over two months to transform a behavior change into a habit. As a Certified Integrative Health Coach, I work with you as a whole person by considering your values, goals, balance and fulfillment in life. In this process, you will develop and realize your personal goals through inquiry, personal discovery and accountability. Guidance will deepen your insight and strengthen your motivation to overcome obstacles preventing you from moving in a positive direction towards wellness. Let me ignite the power within you.

How to begin

We begin this process with a complimentary and confidential 30 minute phone call, a mini coaching session to discuss your goals. From this you can determine if Integrative Health Coaching is right for you. You can work on anything that blocks your vision of attaining optimal health and wellness. You may want to lose weight, stop smoking, consume healthier meals, discover stress management strategies or discover a new career path.

The coaching process continues as you provide additional information about yourself in the Welcome Packet. Giving careful thought to this information helps you define an area of concern this coaching process will benefit. You can then decide the coaching package that best meets your needs. This can take place in person, on the phone or via video conference.

Jump Start Package
3 sessions

(60 minute initial session and 2 additional weekly 40 minute sessions)


Basic Package
9 sessions

(60 minute initial session, 4 weekly 40 minute sessions and 4 biweekly 40 minute sessions)


Intense Package
12 sessions

(60 minute initial session
and 11 weekly
40 minute sessions)


Health coaching requires a minimum of 3 sessions.
Additional 40 minute sessions may be purchased at $75 with any package.
All packages include individual coaching.
Group coaching and corporate/public speaking engagements are also available.

Enhance your quality of life

You can reach your highest level of wellness and successfully enhance your quality of life. Strengthen your motivation to change. There’s no better time to get started than now. Let's do this together. Are you ready?


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